An exchange is about to take place!

Written by on December 27, 2016

The Bible tells us in the book of Genesis 48:14 that as Israel stretched out his hand to bless his grandsons, he crossed his arms and the blessing that was supposed to be imparted on to Manasseh went to his younger brother Ephraim. There was an exchange that took place!

Do you know that all God has to do is cross His hands and you can go from being at the back to being in front? From being overlooked to being overbooked ? From being a nobody to being a somebody? Just one touch of His right hand can place you fifty years ahead of where you ever thought you could be.

As we are in the, “extra time,” of the year. I decree and declare that there shall be a crossing of hands. What should have taken you years to accomplish will happen in these remaining days of the year.

If you’re believing, TAKE IT!

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